The Brief

FG Library & Learning secured the opportunity to work with the wonderful team at Active Luton for the refurbishment of Luton Central Library.

Particular focus was given to the required integration of the existing children’s library into the revised layout for the ground floor adult library, from its current location which was scheduled to house the new Family Hub .

This case study outlines the successful transformation of Luton Central Library into a modern, vibrant and flexible space within the community.

The Solution

FG Library & Learning created a visually impactful library space at Luton Central Library, accommodating diverse needs and enhancing the overall user experience.

The design facilitated better flow and ease of travel throughout the library, integrating activities within the entire space to suit individual preferences.

By reducing the height of shelving bays, visibility was improved, making users and staff more accessible to each other, thus enhancing navigation, communication, and interaction.

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