Designing Tomorrow’s Minds – Where Space Inspires Success: FG Library & Learning’s Secondary Schools & College Design Service 

Welcome to FG Library & Learning, where we specialise in designing tomorrow’s minds by creating educational spaces that inspire success. Our Secondary Schools & College design service is meticulously tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern education. With a focus on libraries, Learning Resource Centres (LRCs), and learning commons, we seamlessly integrate design and space planning to craft environments that elevate learning experiences. 

Why Choose FG Library & Learning? 

  • Educational Design Pioneers: With over two decades of experience, FG Library & Learning is a pioneer in educational design. Our expertise spans Secondary Schools and Colleges, shaping spaces that inspire success. 
  • Comprehensive Space Planning: We go beyond aesthetics, emphasising comprehensive space planning to ensure that every corner serves a purpose. Our designs strike a harmonious balance between form and function. 
  • Types of Spaces, Tailored Solutions: Whether it’s libraries, Learning Resource Centres, or learning commons, FG Library & Learning provides tailored design solutions that cater to the specific needs of secondary schools and colleges. 
  • Diverse Furniture Solutions: From solo and group study areas to private meeting spaces, our designs seamlessly integrate diverse furniture solutions that adapt to the dynamic nature of modern education. 
  • Incorporating Modern Learning Styles: Recognising the shift in learning styles, our designs incorporate elements that support collaborative learning, technology integration, and student well-being.

Our Process: Crafting Dynamic Learning Spaces

Embark on a transformative journey with FG Library & Learning as we redefine educational spaces through our design process.


Collaborative Vision:
Our journey begins with collaborative discussions to understand your vision and objectives. We delve into the unique identity of your secondary school or college, ensuring our designs align with your educational ethos. 


Innovative Space Planning:
Leveraging our expertise in space planning, we create dynamic layouts for libraries, Learning Resource Centres, and learning commons. Our designs balance solo and group study areas, private meeting spaces, flexible shelving, IT & Study zones, and a mix of soft seating to cater to diverse learning styles. 


Bespoke Solutions:
FG Library & Learning excels in delivering bespoke design solutions. From flexible shelving configurations to IT-infused study zones, our designs are tailored to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. 


Dynamic Furniture Integration:
We curate a selection of furniture that fosters collaborative learning, solo study, and technology integration. Our designs seamlessly incorporate a mixture of soft seating, ergonomic study areas, and IT zones to create dynamic, multifunctional spaces. 


Interactive Learning Zones:
Recognising the importance of technology in modern education, our designs integrate interactive learning zones that foster engagement and creativity among students.

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Elevate Your Educational Spaces with FG Library & Learning

Designing tomorrow’s minds requires innovative spaces that foster success. Choose FG Library & Learning for a design service that goes beyond conventional norms, embracing modern educational practices. Transform your secondary school or college into an environment where space inspires success.

Case Studies

From transformative library designs to innovations in educational spaces, delve into the success stories that define our expertise.



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