Reflection Cantilever Library Shelving: Versatility and Elegance 

Welcome to Reflection, FG Library & Learning’s acclaimed cantilever design metal library shelving system. Reflection stands as the most popular choice among libraries worldwide, known for its cost-effectiveness, robustness, and unrivalled versatility. 

Key Features: 

  • Proven Excellence: Reflection has earned its reputation for excellence, having graced thousands of libraries with its cost-effective and robust design. Join the ranks of satisfied institutions that trust Reflection for its outstanding performance. 
  • Cantilever Design: Offering a cantilever design, Reflection seamlessly merges elegance with functionality. Available in both wall-mounted and free-standing configurations, it provides the perfect solution for academic and public libraries alike. 
  • Reska Compatibility: Built on the foundations of the original ‘Reska’ shelving system, Reflection ensures full compatibility. Retaining Reska’s original features and introducing additional benefits, it represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. 
  • Versatile Customisation: Improve your library aesthetics with Reflection’s vast range of accessories and enhancements. From display end panels that add a touch of sophistication to book supports and shelf signage, customise your shelving system to meet your specific needs. 
  • Tailored Specifications: With main features including 3 bay widths, 4 bay depths, 5 bay heights, a profiled shelf edge, removable backstop, book supports, and castors, Reflection caters to your unique specifications. Choose from a wide range of textured or smooth paint finishes to suit your library’s style. 
  • Magnetic and Suspended Book Supports: Enjoy the convenience of magnetic book supports, available in either 160mm (Standard) or 220mm (oversize), and suspended options in either 200mm or 280mm, adding a dynamic touch to your shelving. 

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Outstanding versatility and endless possibilities for application throughout your space

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Endless Possibilities Await

Reflection stands as a testament to outstanding versatility, with options for free-standing units, wall-fixed installations, or the flexibility of castors. The Reflection range opens doors to endless possibilities, offering an ideal solution for various applications throughout your library space. 

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For more information on cantilever library shelving or to discuss specific requirements for freestanding and wall-mounted configurations, connect with our expert team at FG Library & Learning. Unlock the elegance, efficiency, and endless possibilities with Reflection. 

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