Crafting Excellence: Bespoke Library Furniture and Beyond 

Discover a world where precision meets passion at FG Library & Learning. With five cutting-edge production sites in Northampton, Haverhill, Wakefield, Rotherham and Royston, our state-of-the-art machinery, coupled with timeless craftsmanship, ensures that every piece of our library furniture reflects unparalleled quality, both structurally and aesthetically. 

Joinery Mastery 

Our commitment to excellence extends to every corner of our joinery process. From raw material selection to finishing touches, we leave no aspect of production to chance. No subcontracting means complete control, allowing us to guarantee that each piece adheres to our exacting standards. Our skilled cabinetmakers and engineers meticulously craft each item, subjecting it to rigorous inspections at every stage. The result? Impeccable craftsmanship visible in every piece, meeting ISO 9001 standards. 

Seating Solutions 

As seasoned suppliers and manufacturers of diverse seating solutions, we understand the delicate balance between comfort and design. Our chairs undergo regular checks for ergonomics, with in-house craftsmen combining traditional techniques with modern technology to create products that inspire. No detail is overlooked in our pursuit of seamless fusion between design and functionality. 

Acoustics Redefined 

In Haverhill, our dedicated site orchestrates the design and manufacturing of a broad range of acoustic solutions, from pods and booths to screens and panelling. In 2024, we joined forces with Caimi Brevetti S.P.A, Europe’s leading acoustic solutions company, to introduce groundbreaking technologies to the UK. The newly formed brand, ‘Caimi by Frem Group,’ offers the entire Caimi Interiors and Snowsound collections. Using unique Caimi software, Frem Group provides precise acoustic analyses and recommends tailored sound-absorbing solutions for your space. 

Graphics, Signage & Acrylics: Elevating Environments 

In the evolving landscape of library and learning spaces, graphics, signage, and acrylics play a pivotal role. At FG Library & Learning & Learning, we craft bespoke products tailored to your vision. From graphics and signage to acrylic display products, we bring your ideas to life, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your space. 

For a bespoke library furniture solution or to delve into our diverse offerings, contact us today. Your vision, our commitment to excellence. 

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