More Than Books: Building Communities and Enriching Lives with FG Library & Learning’s Public Library Design Service 

Discover the transformative power of public libraries as community hubs, enriching lives beyond the realms of books. At FG Library & Learning, we go beyond conventional library design, focusing on creating warm, welcoming spaces that foster community engagement, health, and wellbeing.

Our approach is sympathetic to the changing expectations of a modern library and our solutions are designed to offer a versatile and future proofed space at the heart of a community, with considerations always made to the environmental and social impact of any project.

Explore our innovative design approach tailored for Public Libraries. 

Why Choose FG Library & Learning? 

  • Community-Centric Design: FG Library & Learning is dedicated to creating community-centric library spaces. Our designs are a reflection of the unique needs, preferences, and aspirations of the communities we serve. 
  • Integrated Services: Recognising the expanded role of public libraries, we seamlessly integrate additional services into our designs. Transform your library into a multifunctional community hub that caters to diverse needs. 
  • Warm and Welcoming Spaces: We prioritise creating warm, welcoming spaces that go beyond functionality. Our libraries become inviting environments that foster community connections, making them essential hubs within communities. 
  • Health and Wellbeing Focus: Health and wellbeing are integral components of our designs. We incorporate spaces that contribute to community health, offering resources and support for individuals seeking wellbeing initiatives. 
  • Innovation at the Core: Embrace innovation with FG Library & Learning. Our designs introduce creative solutions and flexible spaces that adapt to the evolving needs of the community. Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology integration.

Our Process: Crafting Community-Centric Spaces

Unlock the potential of your public library with FG Library & Learning’s meticulous design process.


Community-Centric Ideation:
Our design journey begins with community-centric ideation. We collaborate with stakeholders to understand the unique needs and aspirations of your community. This insight shapes our design process, ensuring that the library becomes a true reflection of the community it serves. 


Integrated Community Services:
We recognise the evolving role of public libraries as community hubs. Our designs seamlessly integrate additional services, transforming the library into a multifunctional space. From health and wellbeing initiatives to collaborative learning areas, we enhance the value your library brings to the community. 


Warm Spaces:
Creating warm, inviting spaces is at the core of our design philosophy. Our libraries are designed to be more than just functional – they become inviting environments that encourage community members to gather, connect, and engage. 


Health and Wellbeing Integration:
Libraries play a vital role in promoting community health and wellbeing. Our designs incorporate spaces that cater to these needs, fostering an environment where individuals can access information, resources, and support for their overall wellbeing. 


Innovation in Libraries:
Embrace innovation with FG Library & Learning. We introduce creative solutions that enhance the library experience. From cutting-edge technology integration to flexible spaces that adapt to evolving community needs, our designs reflect a commitment to innovation.

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Enrich Lives with FG Library & Learning

Experience the transformative potential of public libraries as community hubs with FG Library & Learning. Our commitment to community-centric design, integrated services, warm spaces, and innovation sets us apart. Choose FG Library & Learning for a design service that goes beyond books, building communities and enriching lives.

Case Studies

From transformative library designs to innovations in educational spaces, delve into the success stories that define our expertise.



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