Sixth Form/Common Rooms 

In educational institutions, sixth form and common rooms serve as hubs for social interaction and academic pursuits. These spaces, when transformed into vibrant and collaborative environments by FG Library & Learning, undergo a metamorphosis into areas that cater to the holistic needs of students. By employing expertise in design, FG Library & Learning infuses these spaces with elements conducive to both relaxation and focused study. Versatile furniture options allow for adaptable configurations, accommodating various group sizes and activities. Vibrant colours and inspirational design elements stimulate creativity and foster a positive atmosphere, encouraging students to engage in both academic and social endeavours.

Breakout Spaces 

Breakout spaces are essential components of educational environments, providing areas for creativity, collaboration, and contemplation. FG Library & Learning excels in designing dynamic breakout spaces that inspire innovation and interaction. These spaces are characterised by multifunctional layouts, flexible furniture arrangements, and stimulating colours. Interactive elements further enhance the collaborative atmosphere, facilitating group activities, discussions, or quiet individual work. FG Library & Learning’s approach ensures that these spaces are adaptable to meet the diverse needs of students, promoting a conducive environment for learning and collaboration. 

Canteen & Dining 

The dining experience in educational institutions extends beyond mere sustenance; it serves as an opportunity for social interaction and relaxation. FG Library & Learning’s innovative designs elevate canteen and dining spaces, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Through the incorporation of versatile furniture options, comfortable seating, and visually appealing designs, these spaces become inviting environments conducive to socialising and relaxation. By prioritising the overall dining experience, FG Library & Learning contributes to creating a positive and engaging atmosphere within the educational setting. 


Classrooms are the fundamental spaces where teaching and learning take place. FG Library & Learning’s expertise revitalises traditional classrooms, transforming them into dynamic learning environments. Functionality is paramount in their designs, which integrate adaptable furniture, interactive elements, and inspirational aesthetics. By engaging students through innovative design, FG Library & Learning fosters a positive atmosphere that enhances the educational experience.

Early Years & Nursery 

Early Years and Nursery settings require specialised environments that prioritise safety, comfort, and exploration. FG Library & Learning crafts nurturing spaces tailored to the unique needs of young children. Through the use of durable and imaginative furniture options, soft colours, and rounded shapes, these environments become secure and stimulating places for learning and play.

ICT & Study 

ICT and study spaces are essential for promoting digital literacy and focused study. FG Library & Learning’s cutting-edge designs elevate these environments, integrating technology-friendly furniture, ergonomic seating, and inspirational aesthetics. Versatility and practicality are key considerations, ensuring that these spaces facilitate effective learning experiences.

Staff Rooms 

Staff rooms serve as retreats for educators, providing spaces for collaboration, relaxation, and professional development. FG Library & Learning revamps these rooms into comfortable and collaborative hubs that prioritise staff wellbeing. Through the incorporation of cosy seating, inspirational aesthetics, and practical storage solutions, staff rooms become inviting environments that foster a positive work culture and encourage collaboration among educators.