Unlocking Imaginations: FG Library & Learning’s Primary School Design Service 

Welcome to FG Library & Learning, where we believe in unlocking imaginations, one bookshelf at a time. Our Primary School design service is crafted to inspire a love for reading and create enchanting spaces that foster reading for pleasure. With a focus on libraries, reading corners, SEN spaces, corridor libraries, multi-use spaces, and themed areas, we embark on a journey to transform primary school environments into literary wonderlands.

Why Choose FG Library & Learning? 

  • Expertise and Experience: With decades of experience, FG Library & Learning is a trusted name in educational design. Our team combines expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional spaces. 
  • SLA-Approved Designs: We align with the Schools Library Association’s (SLA) standards to ensure that our designs meet the highest educational and literary standards. 
  • Diverse Spaces, One Goal: Whether it’s creating a vibrant library, a serene reading corner, or a themed area, our designs cater to the diverse spaces within primary schools, all with a common goal – inspiring a love for reading. 
  • Client Collaboration: We value your vision and collaborate closely with clients throughout the design process. Your input is integral to shaping spaces that resonate with your school’s ethos. 

Our Process 

At FG Library & Learning, our design process is a meticulous journey fuelled by creativity and a passion for education. 


Consultation and Vision:
We begin by understanding your vision and objectives. Whether it's revamping an existing library or creating a themed reading corner, we work closely with you to grasp the unique needs of your primary school.


Space Planning:
Our expert designers leverage their creativity to optimise space, ensuring that every nook and corner serves a purpose. From cosy reading corners to multi-use spaces, we design with versatility in mind.


Bespoke Solutions:
Tailoring our designs to your specific requirements is our forte. Bespoke shelving, themed furniture, and vibrant colour schemes are integrated to craft spaces that resonate with the imagination of young minds.


Practical Implementation:
We understand the importance of functionality. Our designs seamlessly blend aesthetics with practicality, creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.


Reading for Pleasure Integration:
Central to our Primary School design service is the promotion of reading for pleasure. Our designs aim to make reading an enchanting and enjoyable experience for young learners

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Transforming Learning Spaces, One Bookshelf at a Time

With FG Library & Learning, your primary school’s learning spaces undergo a magical transformation. Our designs not only meet educational standards but also ignite a passion for reading among young learners. Experience the enchantment – choose FG Library & Learning for primary school designs that go beyond aesthetics.

Case Studies

From transformative library designs to innovations in educational spaces, delve into the success stories that define our expertise.



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