Discover Versatile Excellence: Explore Our Custom Shelving Solutions.

As industry leaders, we offer our very own comprehensive range of library shelving. From primary school reading corners, to large university libraries, we have a shelving system that will be the perfect fit for your project and budget.

Our library shelving systems have been designed in house, where we have worked closely with our factories to create systems that not only look great, but offer maximum flexibility, durability and robustness.

Being a manufacturer of library shelving and furnishing means we also have full control over the manufacturing, so if required we can also design a shelving system bespoke to your requirements, whether it is a unique shape and style or you would like to try something a little different.

We have specification guides available for all of our shelving ranges and can also share 2D and 3D CAD blocks if requested.

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Bespoke Library Shelving

Landscape Curve Library Shelving

Landscape Library Shelving

Latitude Library Shelving

Libris Library Shelving

Mirage Library Shelving

Novus Shelving

Reflection Library Shelving

Storage, Mobile and Archive Shelving