At FG Library & Learning, we provide library furniture for all different types of learning environments. We can design and build furniture for creative library book displays. This is an area where we get to be creative. We can create bespoke pieces to fit your library and learning area – make sure you contact us to find a solution for you.

Furniture for Creative Library Book Display from FG Library & Learning

We have a wide selection of furniture which can be used for creative library book displays. Some of our most popular pieces are:

Acrylic Book Displays – our acrylic book displays can hold multiple books and can be adapted to fit on countertops, windows, within bookshelves and anywhere in your library. They are a brilliant, adaptive, and cost-effective solution for creating beautiful and functional book displays.

Elements Library Book Displays – our elements range can elevate your library’s visual appeal. Our bookshelves incorporate a display section as well as standard shelving, so you have space to hold multiple books. This diverse range can be adapted to any library theme and can help to encourage readers of any age.

Kinder Boxes and Displays – to showcase multiple books in an easy-to-reach display for younger library members. These can be colourful to suit your overall library theme or to appeal to younger audiences.

Bespoke Library Furniture – as well as out standard ranges we can also design and build bespoke library furniture that can be used for creative library book displays. Contact us for more information and to start your processes.

Creative Library Book Display Ideas

Here are some of our top creative book display ideas:

1. Seasons Themed

Seasonal book themed displays can be eye catching and a great way to bring current trends to your library. Flowery spring displays and snow themed winter displays can get children involved in enjoying the books you provide.

2. Reading Genres

You can create a detective scene with magnifying glasses, “evidence” markers, and caution tape. Or create a fantasy-themed book display with magical props like wands, dragon figurines, and glitter to showcase fantasy books. For science fiction, you could invest in futuristic props like robots, planets, and starships.

3. Interactive Displays

Interactive book displays are a great way to encourage readers to communicate and gain recommendations. This is expecially great for local libraries in school holidays as you can get the children involved. You could set up a “What Are You Reading?” board where patrons can pin cards with their current reads. Or allow patrons to write and post their book recommendations or reviews on a display board.

4. Celebrate Authors

This is a great book display idea that can be hosted regularly. Author of the Month is a great way to include a variety of genres, styles and themes. You can also showcase new authors with a spotlight on their first published works.

5. Local Authors and News

For community libraries, it’s a great opportunity to showcase any local authors. You could display their books with maps and information about their background.

You could also showcase your local schools if students have any published works in books, such as poems or short stories.

6. Book to Movie Adaptations

A book-to-movies book display is great for highlighting popular books and allowing people to get involved in current movie trends. It can also encourage readers to discover the books of their favourite movies if they haven’t already.

7. Educational Displays

For non-fiction books display ideas, you could focus on specific subjects in education. For example:

  • STEM Corner: Highlight books on science, technology, engineering, and math with related gadgets and experiments.
  • History Timeline: Create a timeline of historical events with corresponding books at each point.
  • Health and Wellness: Display books on fitness, mental health, and nutrition with exercise equipment and healthy snacks.

8. Event Celebrations

Your event celebration book displays could be centred around books and reading, for example

  • National reading week
  • National library week

or they could be in line with national holidays and events

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween

9. Food and Cookbooks

Despite the increase in access to recipes online, there is still very much a market for cookbooks. You can have fun with this display and incorporate pictures of food and drink or toy groceries and cooking utensils to get the children involved.

10. All About the Children

With libraries and reading there is a real drive to inspire the younger generation to enjoy books. You can use this within your creative book display ideas. Focus on favourite characters, host a story time, provide resources, colouring pages or worksheets so that children can familiarise themselves with popular stories that are timeless.

Working with FG Library & Learning

If you are looking for creative library display ideas and want to work with a library furniture specialist, then contact FG Library & Learning today.

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