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The Iron Works

Set in the South Yorkshire Village of Elsecar The Ironworks opened in 1795 on a site near the head of the Elsecar Branch of the Dearne and Dove Canal.

The works made pig iron from locally mined ores as well as a range of cast iron products, mostly for the construction trades.

The site of the Ironworks is today part of the Elsecar Heritage Centre. Now packed with shops, traditional cafes, delicatessens and antiques stalls.

The Centre currently hosts approximately 50 events per year, receiving over 350,000 visitors. The event space is multi-functional and is utilised to host a range of events ranging from exhibitions, theatre, music performances and weddings.

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The venue had several offerings to seat their patrons. Rows of flat seating didn’t really offer adequate sight lines or comfort. Seats mounted on staging units took an age to set up and demount.

The venue needed a system that would be easy to set up and break down whilst providing better sight lines for a wide range of events. Moreover, it needed to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of a multi-use environment.

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Selected through the council’s formal tender process, Audise by FG provided two portable retractable platform units complete with plastic fold down chairs. The units can be used together as a single bank, or separately. Maximum flexibility with no compromise.

Blow moulded Luxe plastic chairs have no finger traps and are remarkably comfortable. The perfect solution for this industrial style venue that also needs modern finesse and comfort.

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