Discover the pinnacle of contemporary library furniture

Novus Shelving—an exclusive and multi-functional zoning system by Frem Group. Crafted from a steel frame and adorned with exquisite wooden elements, Novus is more than furniture; it’s a symbol of productivity, creativity, and adaptability in the modern workspace. 

Key Features: 

  • Contemporary Excellence: Novus stands as a testament to contemporary excellence, boasting a sleek steel frame and elegant wooden accents. The ready-assembled slim profile frame exudes sophistication, creating a workspace that is not only functional but also visually stunning. 
  • Flexible Zoning System: Embrace the need for flexible working environments with Novus. This zoning system has been meticulously designed to nurture creativity, foster collaboration, and enhance overall well-being in the workplace. Its adaptability allows you to create a workspace tailored to your unique needs. 
  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Designed in-house by Frem Group’s talented team, Novus maintains high-quality manufacturing standards. The result is a robust and beautiful product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Novus is a long-lasting solution for modern workspaces. 
  • Efficient Assembly: Novus prioritises your time with a ready-assembled slim profile frame, ensuring reduced fitting time with fast assembly. The system is completely re-configurable after installation, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to changing workspace dynamics. 
  • New Finishes and Materials: Novus introduces new and improved finishes and materials, allowing you to customize your workspace with a contemporary flair. Lightweight yet durable, Novus strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

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A Symbol of a Productive, Creative and Adaptable Workspace

Get inspired with Novus Shelving

In today’s fast-paced landscape, the need for flexible and dynamic study and workspace has never been greater. Novus by Frem Group rises to the challenge, offering a modular, interchangeable solution that seamlessly links components together to form unique settings tailored to your space. Our designers have meticulously crafted a multi-functional zoning system, blending steel frames with beautiful wooden and fabric elements to create an environment that fosters productivity and innovation. Whether you’re seeking to optimise collaboration zones, create private workspaces, or enhance acoustic comfort, Novus empowers you to design a workspace that inspires creativity and supports the diverse needs of the modern working life.

Explore Novus Shelving: Where Contemporary Brilliance Meets Functionality

Novus Shelving transcends the ordinary library, offering a shelving system that goes beyond functionality. It’s a fusion of contemporary design, adaptability, and lasting quality.  

To explore the possibilities with Novus shelving or to inquire about our comprehensive range of contemporary office furniture, contact FG Library & Learning. Transform your library space with Novus—a symbol of modern excellence. 

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