Mental wellbeing and wellness plays such a crucial role in our day to day lives

Within an academic environment 4 in 5 teachers have experienced a student struggle with mental ill health.

As a provider of products for educational and community spaces we are passionate about ensuring that all users of our libraries find it a peaceful and tranquil space that limits anxiety and minimises stress.

This #MHAW2019 we are focusing on how libraries create a positive impact within the community and our schools. Libraries offer more than just books and computers – they offer help, assistance, support and guidance that you don’t find anywhere else!

Mental Health within schools

Within an academic environment poor mental health can affect performance, interpersonal relationships and self-esteem, leading into persistent problems during adulthood.

Anxiety and bullying are the most common mental struggles children suffer with in schools, however the pressure children can face at a young age surrounding exam anxiety, bullying, family problems and social anxiety can cause long lasting effects.

Libraries within a school play an important part in creating a safe haven for children, allowing them to grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. This can be done through inspiring themed spaces, biophilic design and areas where support can be accessed.

Mental Health within the wider community

Community spaces such as a public library allow people to interact with new people which sometimes can seem very overwhelming but if carried out in a practical environment it can help individuals to thrive and become more independent, confident and self-reliant.

Incorporating both “hot” spaces for social interaction or group activity and “cold” spaces for retreat and relaxation within your library helps to cater for all user’s needs, concerns and personality types. Often libraries can be seen as a solace from the outside world and an escape from any problems the user is experiencing. A lot of libraries also offer support such as health and wellbeing sessions, single parenting clubs, activities for younger readers such as rhymetime to allow users to get the help and support they never knew they needed.

How can we improve our libraries

You may be asking how you can improve your space to accommodate for people who suffer from mental wellbeing and wellness problems. That is where we can help.

Simple things like creating hubs of space for study, group work or even just for private reflection, can make a dramatic change to how comfortable one can feel in the space. By creating safe areas it allows individuals to feel less pressured and more confident to allow them to learn and develop at their own pace. Here at FG Library & Learning our talented and experienced designers can tailor these factors into your unique design and create a space that is inclusive to all and offer so much more than just a book, but vital services too.

We have many products that can help with mental wellbeing and wellness such as our Oasis Collection which combines style and privacy to create a space within a space.

Our innovative sensory range works on calming and relaxing your mind, as well as helping children and even the elderly make sense of the world around them.

Creating a library that works for people with mental wellbeing issues, dementia, autism or other challenges, allows your library to be a place that is totally inclusive and accessible to all users. By creating a place of safety you could help someone within your school or community to live a better and more improved life.

To find out more information about our work or how we can help you create your perfect library space, please contact us 01604 755 954.

To find out more information about Mental Health Awareness Week or about the vital work of the Mental Health Foundation, please follow the link here.

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