The current global outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19, is a very concerning development and needless to say, FG Library & Learning, as part of the Frem Group of companies, are taking the matter very seriously. We are doing everything possible to protect our employees, their families and our customers to ensure we continue to operate at the highest standards in all matters.

With regards to our manufacturing and production capabilities, the Frem Group companies wish to inform our client base of the following information: 

  • Less than 1% of our product portfolio comes from either China, Italy or Spain which are three of the hardest hit areas of the Coronavirus to date
  • We source some seat mechanisms from China, but at the outbreak of Coronavirus, we increased stock levels from 6 weeks to 3 months
  • In addition we have re-sourced a similar product from Eastern Europe without any impact on cost or supply to our clients
  • With regard to raw materials:
    • Our wood based sheets are sourced throughout Europe, although we are currently sitting on significant stock levels and our importer has also increased their raw material stock by 50%
    • Our aluminium is now sourced in the UK
    • The majority of our fabric is sourced in the UK

FG Library & Learning and all Frem Group companies, have been, and will continue to, follow government recommendations and have voluntarily put in place the following procedures: 

  • Installed hand sanitiser stations and handwashing guidelines are prominently displayed
  • Introduced new housekeeping regime with door handles and surfaces sanitised twice daily
  • Introduced temperature testing of all staff twice a week
  • Asked staff to avoid physical contact such as hand shaking
  • Discouraged inviting people onto our premises for physical meetings, opting instead for telephone or video conferencing
  • Asked staff to follow government guidance and refrain from visiting bars and restaurants 
  • Ensure, where possible, staff are working no less than 2 metres from each other

We are confident at FG Library & Learning, across all our manufacturing facilities, that our product supply will suffer minimal or no disruption during these uncertain times as we strive to deliver the same service standards you have come to expect from us. 

We aim to keep all our customers informed of any changes as they arise and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in this unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in. 

From all at FG Library & Learning, stay safe and stay well.

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