The Brief

FG Library & Learning were commissioned to work on Chelmsford Library’s new children’s space and family hub, and put it at the heart of the city’s family support services. It has become the perfect space for bringing families together with passionate library staff, family hub health and childcare workers, as well as staff from other support agencies, to deliver a full range of services.

FG Library & Learning were briefed to create an innovative library space design that would underpin the team’s goals: to celebrate reading; inspire and engage young children; encourage learning and digital literacy, and enhance wellbeing, to help local families live healthier, happier lives.

The Solution

A bespoke help desk, tiered story stage and large sensory space with calming bubble tubes and fibre optics were designed and built. Bespoke library shelving with cubbyhole hideaways and a tactile sensory StoryWall have made the space truly engaging for young children with plenty of comfy seating for a parent and child to share a book. The teen area includes a very popular, large social workspace with integrated charging for BYO devices, along with a quieter study booth, perfect for group work. Attractive Elements display units are used to cross-promote books across all the zones, while the contemporary seating and bright, fresh and autism-friendly colours make this a modern, attractive environment, perfect for all ages.

The library and local council are delighted with the overall result, as well as the parents, carers and children who use it. FG Library’s innovative thinking has meant that its creative library space has truly become the No.1 hub working and learning space for children, teens and families alike.

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