The Brief

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research chose FG Library & Learning to design, manufacture and install their library. 

The Library is at the heart of CERN and plays a key role in supporting scientific research in the Organisation. It offers a range of services, including a quiet space to study and think. 

This case study outlines the successful transformation of The Library at CERN into a vibrant, inclusive, and technologically advanced space that caters to a diverse range of needs.

The Solution

The library underwent a transformative upgrade with the installation of a premium Latitude library shelving system featuring an elegant oak finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

In the bookshop, face-on display shelving was strategically implemented, providing a visually appealing showcase for books, while dedicated display and store shelves for periodicals were incorporated to highlight these items.  

To maintain a seamless and clean look, a bespoke solution seamlessly integrated a new HVAC system into the shelving infrastructure. Orangebox soft seating was used, driven by the brand’s reputation for quality and proven seating solutions in similar environments.  

The comprehensive approach to signage involved in-house design at CERN and printing by FG Library & Learning in the UK, resulting in tailored solutions such as bay headers, canopy signs, and magnetic shelf labels to meet the diverse needs of the space. 

The refurbished library has added significantly to the CERN site, giving a modern, flexible and motivating environment for students, staff members and professionals to study, work and collaborate within. 

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