The Brief

Bristol College required a sophisticated space that facilitates various learning and study situations for individuals and groups. Lines of sight and flow were a key consideration in the space planning, with furniture design and the use of colour being integral to the entire scheme.

A flexible layout that enabled access to IT provision throughout was required. Clearly identifiable study zones needed to be created, aimed at maximising the use of the space and enhancing the customer experience.

The small area dedicated to careers advice was previously under used and the design of this undefined area needed special attention to ensure that it was bold and inviting.

The Solution

The library entrance features a 6 position ‘Quick IT’ facility with poseur height perimeter benching and stools. The ‘Quiet’ study area features perimeter benching with saw tooth extensions to increase the study desk area.

The main study zone encourages active study, the bold white and red bespoke reception desk is located in the centre of the ‘L’ shaped library to enhance visibility and service provision. White Latitude library shelving with perforated steel end panels give this section of the library a clean and stylish feel. Further interest is created with the use of soft seating pads positioned at an angle between bays to create a curved effect which adds light. The shelving is strategically positioned to improve flow, give clear lines of sight, and create light and shape throughout.

The ‘Quiet’ study zone is an informal area, where students can work in pairs or small groups and has been designed to encourage quiet study and discourage large groups forming. A red and white pod desk is positioned in this area to provide a service point during busy periods.

The ‘Silent’ study zone is specifically designed for silent study for twenty students at a time.

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