The Brief

The focal point of the refurbishment at Bristol Central Library was the creation of the new Business & IP Centre (BIPC) space, located at the heart of the library on the ground floor. 

The historic library, built in 1906 and situated near College Green, required multiple spaces to be revitalised to meet the evolving needs of its community. 

FG Library and Learning worked diligently to design and furnish this area, ensuring it catered to the specific requirements of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Within the BIPC, multiple workstations were created, incorporating a mix of existing and new furniture, including comfy soft seating, computer chairs, and poseur height ‘device bars’ equipped with charging capabilities

The Solution

The Bristol Central Library refurbishment by FG Library and Learning stands as a remarkable example of blending modern enhancements with the library’s historic charm. 

The successful transformation of multiple spaces. including the BIPC, cafe. and meeting room. has significantly improved the library’s offerings and user experience. 

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