Acoustic Furniture Design Solutions

Poor acoustic design drastically affects our ability to work and learn. That’s why at FG Library we have put time and effort into perfecting our acoustic furniture range so that you can maintain a productive environment for students to learn.

Our experienced acoustic design consultants will work with you to assess your space and guide you in creating an acoustically effective environment, free of unwanted reverberation and distraction. We create an enhanced environment using acoustic furniture that suits your space, compliments your decor and, most importantly, satisfies your requirements.

As a specialist supplier of acoustic furniture solutions for libraries, museums and schools, our products are cost-effective, flexible and available in a wide range of specifications to suit almost any budget or space.

For more information on our acoustic furniture and general solutions to suit any space where focus is key, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to arrange a consultation today.

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